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H-Store is an experimental main-memory, parallel database management system that is optimized for on-line transaction processing (OLTP) applications. It is a highly distributed, row-store-based relational database that runs on a cluster on shared-nothing, main memory executor nodes.

The H-Store project is a collaboration between MIT, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University, and Intel.

New Release (May 2014)

May 27th, 2014 at 12:12 pm

The H-Store project is pleased to announce the release of the freshest and most dope version of its transaction processing database management system. The major enhancements in the system are related to anti-caching and recovery. We have also begun exploring how to port H-Store to work on non-volatile memory storage devices.

Major highlights of this release:

  1. Re-factored anti-cache code in the EE to make it more extensible. On-disk blocks now support tuples from multiple tables. [6e5e320] [f03faf6] [5c11737] [23025d2]
  2. New anti-cache storage back-end designed specifically for non-volatile memory. [4e007db] [b9b2a68] [8cf939d] [34aabbe]
  3. Anti-caching rollbacks now supports multi-partition transactions. [13539d0] [4fdf0cf] [ba759a5] [d3c5ee1]
  4. Ported experimental ARIES implementation from Nirmesh Malviya’s VoltDB code. This is from his ICDE 2014 paper. [0936955] [f7be730] [53ea2b9] [2a37256]
  5. Added new ARTICLES benchmark. This workload simulates users posting content and comments on a news aggregation website like Reddit/HackerNews. [5b2abf1] [a299082]
  6. FIX: H-Store now supports gcc 4.8. [d0ae5e3]
  7. FIX: Restored support for snapshots creation and loading. [23cfb02] [2d16006]
  8. FIX: Simplified materialized views were not initialized properly. [7346860]

This release can be downloaded via Github: