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Change the value of a list of HStoreConf parameters in the entire H-Store cluster. The changes will be sent to each HStoreSite and then validate that the current value is the same at all of them.

Please note that this operation is primarily used for benchmarking experiments and is not guaranteed to be consistent. That is, if the system procedure transaction fails at one HStoreSite, the HStoreConf changes made will not be rolled back at each site. Furthermore, the changes made by this procedure are not durable. When the system is restarted, the HStoreConf parameters will revert back to their default values and the values defined in the H-Store configuration file.

Not all parameters support being changed dynamically at run time, as this could put the database in an invalid state. Any class that implements the internal Configurable interface will be changed by this system procedure but not all of their parameters will updated.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
CONF_NAMES String[] The list of the HStoreConf parameter to modify at each node in the cluster.
CONF_VALUES String[] The list of the HStoreConf parameter values to assign to the confNames.

Return Values

Name Type Description
CONF_NAME String The name of the HStoreConf parameter in this record.
CONF_VALUE String A string representation of the value for this HStoreConf parameter.
UPDATED Timestamp The timestamp of when this HStoreConf parameter was updated.

Java Example

Client client = ClientFactory.createClient();
client = client.createConnection(hostname, port);
String confNames[] = { "site.exec_validate_work", "site.specexec_enable" };
String confValues[] = { "true", "true" };
ClientResponse cresponse = client.callProcedure("@SetConfiguration", confNames, confValues);

Command-Line Example

Not supported at this time