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Load a VoltTable into the database. The system procedure will automatically split the input VoltTable based on the table’s partitioning column and route rows to the proper node. If the target table is replicated or contains a replicated secondary index, then the system procedure will automatically send copies to each node in the cluster.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
TABLE_NAME String The name of the table to load data into.
TABLE_CONTENTS VoltTable The VoltTable instance to load into TABLE_NAME.

Return Values

The number of tuples that were inserted in the database.

Java Example

Client client = ClientFactory.createClient();
client = client.createConnection(hostname, port);
String tableName = "WAREHOUSE";
VoltTable tableContents = new VoltTable(...); // See additional documentation
ClientResponse cresponse = client.callProcedure("@LoadMultipartitionTable", tableName, tableContents);

Command-Line Example

Not supported at this time