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Get the value of a HStoreConf parameter from an HStoreSite.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
CONF_NAMES String[] The list of the HStoreConf parameter names to return.

Return Values

Name Type Description
SITE String The name of the HStoreSite that this configuration parameter was retrieved from.
CONF_NAME String The name of the HStoreConf parameter in this record.
CONF_VALUE String A string representation of the value for this HStoreConf parameter.
UPDATED Timestamp The timestamp of when this HStoreConf parameter was retrieved.

Java Example

Client client = ClientFactory.createClient();
client = client.createConnection(hostname, port);
String params[] = { "site.memory", "global.jvm_version" };
ClientResponse cresponse = client.callProcedure("@GetConfiguration", params);

Command-Line Example

Not supported at this time