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System & Environment Parameters

  • global.jvm_version
    Default: 1.7
    Permitted Tye: string
    What version of the Java JDK should be used in this H-Store installation. Accepted values are ‘1.6’ or ‘1.7’. This will only be used when compiling the system source code. It is up to you to configure your environment appropriately to match whatever this is used for this option.
  • global.memory
    Default: 2048
    Permitted Tye: int
    The amount of memory to allocate for the various utility programs that are invoked through the commandline terminal using ant. Note: This is not control the amount of memory that is allocated for the database nodes or client terminals. See site.memory or client.memory.
  • global.temp_dir
    Default: obj
    Permitted Tye: string
    Temporary directory used to store various artifacts related to H-Store.
  • global.sshoptions
    Default: -x
    Permitted Tye: string
    Options used when logging into client/server hosts. We assume that there will be no spaces in paths or options listed here.
  • global.sshprefix
    Permitted Tye: string
    An optional command that is added as a prefix that is executed before starting the HStoreSite and clients. The command must exit with status code zero.
  • global.defaulthost
    Default: localhost
    Permitted Tye: string
    The default hostname used when generating cluster configurations.
  • global.hasher_class Experimental
    Default: edu.brown.hashing.DefaultHasher
    Permitted Tye: string
    The name of the AbstractHasher class to use to figure out what partitions transactions and queries need to go to. We should not need to change this.
  • global.hasher_plan Experimental
    Default: null
    Permitted Tye: string
    The path to a more fine-grained partitioning plan for the database.
  • global.nanosecond_latencies Experimental
    Default: false
    Permitted Tye: boolean
    Measure all latencies using nanoseconds instead of milliseconds.

Debug Logging Parameters

  • global.log_dir
    Default: global.temp_dir/logs
    Permitted Tye: string
    Default log directory for H-Store.
  • global.log_refresh
    Default: 30000
    Permitted Tye: int
    How often in milliseconds the log4j refresh thread will check to see whether the file has changed. We have to do this manually because Java doesn’t have the ability to get a callback when a file changes.