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Retrieve various internal statistics that H-Store maintains while executing transactions.
Note that some statistics cannot be retrieved unless certain HStoreConf parameters are enabled (since collecting them incurs additional overhead when processing transactions).

  • TABLE: Information about the amount of memory being used by each table.
  • INDEX: Information about the amount of memory being used by each indexes.
  • IOSTATS: Statistics on the amount of network traffic at each node.
  • MEMORY: Aggregated information about each node’s memory usage.
  • TXNCOUNTER: Transaction counter information (requires site.txn_counters).
  • TXNPROFILER: Transaction profiler information (requires site.txn_profiling).
  • EXECPROFILER: Partition executor profiler information (requires site.exec_profiling).
  • QUEUEPROFILER: Transaction queue manager profiler information (requires site.queue_profiling).
  • MARKOVPROFILER: Markov estimation profiler information (requires site.markov_profiling).
  • SPECEXECPROFILER: Speculative execution profiler information (requires site.specexec_profiling).
  • PLANNERPROFILER: Batch planner profiler information (requires site.planner_profiling).
  • ANTICACHE: Anti-cache manager information (requires site.anticache_profiling).
  • ANTICACHEEVICTIONS: Anti-cache eviction history (requires site.anticache_profiling).
  • ANTICACHEACCESS: Anti-cache evicted access history (requires site.anticache_profiling).

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
STATS_TYPE String The identifier of the type of statistics to retrieve.
INTERVAL int What interval to retrive data for. 0 = the latest

Return Values

Depends on the statistics type.

Java Example

Client client = ClientFactory.createClient();
client = client.createConnection(hostname, port);
String statsType = "TABLE";
int interval = 0;
ClientResponse cresponse = client.callProcedure("@Statistics", statsType, interval);

Command-Line Example

hstore> EXEC @Statistics TABLE 0