New Release (March 2012)

The H-Store project is releasing the latest version of its experimental OLTP database management system. This version contains a large number of speed and stability improvements. The next release will contain mostly new features.

Major highlights of this release:

  1. Significant speed optimizations for single-partition transactions. [cf9be4a] [c67babd] [f2659fd] [0425253] [243f99d] [5abd178]
  2. Fixed several memory leaks for aborted/read-only transactions. [ddf2f23] [e429821]
  3. Fixed several stability issues when transactions share lock-free data structures [4956be9]
  4. Fixed predicate/aggregate pushdowns for distributed query plans [4956be9] [31eff68]
  5. Restored the ability for transactions to return the proper status codes on failures that mimic VoltDB’s protocol. [ae4a6a4] [f374d49]
  6. H-Store’s Fabric automatic deployment script for EC2 now supports multiple concurrent “virtual” clusters. This allows you to easily assign instances to independent clusters under a single AWS account. [1202f4e]
  7. Restored preliminary support for VoltDB’s regression test suite. [1f4f465] [c434fa2] [1945aba0]
  8. Fixed building on OS X Lion [0328973]

The source code for this release can be downloaded via Github: